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How to Draw Tien

Tien — the somewhat important character in the series. Yes, that’s right folks, I’m back in black! It’s been a while since I’ve updated this website with some fresh drawing tutorials. I was getting lazy a bit. I didn’t really have the time so here I go updating. I’m probably going to upload 3 drawing tutorials to make up the days I’ve missed. So one of the drawing tutorials is Tien. Most people like him and most don’t, so for those who do like Tien, here’s another drawing tutorial that I’ve put together. I’ve made some new ideas too for the website, and the ideas do effect the tutorials — in a good way. I’m going to explain the ideas later on in the tutorial, so for not, let’s learn how to draw Tien. Tien is actually a unique looking character in the show. He actually looks like an average human — except the fore eye on his forehead. So drawing Tien is like drawing any natural anime character. Think of any anime character that’s bald, has a fore eye, and has a built body with no shirt. Thinking of these anime characters and looking at Tien himself helps you draw him better. So be sure to know the specs of not only Tien, but other anime characters as well. To help you out a bit, you know the drill, a YouTube video and an actual drawing video below. Enjoy them both and as always, the tutorials belong to their respected owners — as well with the show, anime and manga itself.

You’ve watched the YouTube video, but not much people learn from them. So here’s an actual drawing tutorial from a useful website Dragoart. Enjoy and I hope you learn fast. Visit the website and share it with your friends, along with this drawing tutorial. Also remember that I’m going to announce what’s new on the website below the drawing tutorial after this paragraph. Thank you :D

How to Draw Tien

News Announcement: Just to remind you that this is a news announcement that will also be added to the news page itself. So what’s the catch here? Well the website is going to have a major update. I listed the new changes below if your interested.

- Watermark on each image shown on this website will be added to show who put the images together. Still though, each image still gets credit to it’s rightful owner.

- Cache block will be added to speed up the website.

- Website will be more responsive.

- News report page will be added.

- News will be added on the sidebar.

- Users can register.

- Spam FREE script.

- New site style.

That is all and hopefully you’ll visit the site soon to check out the new updates active. Estimating 3 days till the update is finished and 2 more days for the update to be active. That is all, and enjoy your stay here on the website.