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How to Draw Goku and Vegeta

I’m back with another drawing tutorial, and I understand how long it’s been, but there isn’t anybody requesting a tutorial. Anyway, we will be learning how to draw Goku and Vegeta. I happen to stumble upon a drawing tutorial that teaches you how to draw them two, and if you think about it, it shouldn’t be that hard. I highly recommend you to view some of the drawing tutorials here on the site that teaches you how to draw Goku and how to draw Vegeta because it would make this tutorial a lot more easier. Other than that, view those two and view the tutorial that I have found below. After viewing it, I always leave a short summary about the tutorial. The drawing tutorial, by the way, is from a pop culture website together with WebDesign499 and was drawn by one of the popular online artists. You can view the full tutorial for a “Bigger” size here: how to draw Goku and Vegeta. Also, there is a drawing video for drawing Goku and Vegeta from Dragoart – which is highly optional. It’s more easier learning from videos, or maybe not; depending on what is best for you.

Now that you have watched the video, or maybe you haven’t, you can now continue with the actual drawing tutorial. I don’t know what you call it – image tutorials? Whatever, just enjoy :D

How to Draw Goku and Vegeta

That’s all and I hoped that you have enjoyed the tutorial. It’s been a while since I have updated this website and really would like it if you could leave a comment for suggestions, and if you like, you can share it to your friends. If you want, you know you can upload a tutorial that you would like to share, which would be totally awesome. Thank you!

How to Draw Tien

Tien — the somewhat important character in the series. Yes, that’s right folks, I’m back in black! It’s been a while since I’ve updated this website with some fresh drawing tutorials. I’m also going to teach you about the best family life insurance. I was getting lazy a bit. I didn’t really have the time so here I go updating. I’m probably going to upload 3 drawing tutorials to make up the days I’ve missed. So one of the drawing tutorials is Tien. Most people like him and most don’t, so for those who do like Tien, here’s another drawing tutorial that I’ve put together. I’ve made some new ideas too for the website, and the ideas do effect the tutorials — in a good way. I’m going to explain the ideas later on in the tutorial, so for not, let’s learn how to draw Tien. Tien is actually a unique looking online gaming character in the show. He actually looks like an average human — except the fore eye on his forehead. So drawing Tien is like drawing any natural anime character. Think of any anime character that’s bald, has a fore eye, and has a built body with no shirt. Thinking of these anime characters and looking at Tien himself helps you draw him better. So be sure to know the specs of not only Tien, but other anime characters as well. To help you out a bit, you know the drill, a YouTube video and an actual drawing video below. Enjoy them both and as always, the tutorials belong to their respected owners — as well with the show, anime and manga itself.

You’ve watched the YouTube video, but not much people learn from them. So here’s an actual drawing tutorial from a useful website Dragoart. Enjoy and I hope you learn fast. Visit the website and share it with your friends, along with this drawing tutorial. Also remember that I’m going to announce what’s new on the website LoL below the drawing tutorial after this paragraph. Thank you :D

How to Draw Tien

News Announcement: Just to remind you that this is a news announcement that will also be added to the news page itself. So what’s the catch here? Well the website is going to have a major gaming update. I listed the new changes below if your interested.

- Watermark on each image shown on this website will be added to show who put the images together. Still though, each image still gets credit to it’s rightful owner.

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That is all and hopefully you’ll visit the site soon to check out the new updates active. Estimating 3 days till the update is finished and 2 more days for the update to be active. That is all, and enjoy your stay here on the website.

How to Draw Gohan

Here’s a drawing tutorial that I was lacking with content and steps. I was tired that day when I made this drawing tutorial so I thought I would revamp it back to life with the real deal flavor. Here, I have a drawing tutorial that teaches you the next Goku powered person in the series — how to draw Gohan; which is yes, Goku’s son. When Gohan was a little boy, he was known as the little brat that does nothing but complain and somewhat fight. After time went on, Gohan matured and was ready to fight for and with his father, Goku, the Saiyan. Personally, I like Gohan, I think he’s quite cool. There really isn’t much to say about Gohan, except the fact how he looks like his father, Goku. That’s a tip when drawing Gohan. If your good with drawing Goku, you can draw Gohan pretty easily. Other than that, of course there are two drawing tutorials that I would like to share. One from YouTube and one from Dragoart, again. I’m sorry but Dragoart has some decent tutorials. Let’s start with the YouTube video first of course. Also I wanted to share the young version of Gohan on the YouTube video because the Dragoart version is the adult version. I’m not sure which one you want to learn so I uploaded two different versions. Enjoy otherwise :D

Well, we’ve finished the drawing video. Let’s move onto the next tutorial from Dragoart. It’s useful but no tips this time. Sometimes I wish Dragoart could give a little more tips though, but at least they give you what you need. After this drawing tutorial and Tien, I think I’ll upload another drawing tutorial from a different website. Enough with me yapping. Enjoy the tutorial.

How to Draw Gohan

How to Draw Piccolo

Let’s learn how to draw the most depressing character in the Dragon Ball Z series – Piccolo. He is the most important character in the story so I decided to upload a drawing tutorial on how to draw him. Sadly in the show, Piccolo dies while taking death over Gohan when Vegeta shot a ball of energy. For memories of Piccolo, I put  together a drawing tutorial just for him. You can find more information on Piccolo on the characters page. There’s useful information there. I think you’ll enjoy the twists that I share. So how do you draw Piccolo? First off, Piccolo doesn’t look anything like the other characters in the series, which makes this more difficult to draw. The clothing is more different and the culture he came from is more different. The more different, the more difficult, in the Dragon Ball Z category anyway. Why is it more difficult? It’s because normally all characters look the same in Dragon Ball Z, and then you draw someone who looks different. It’s like trying to get use to a cold environment when you lived in a hot environment. Think about it – it makes lot’s of sense. Now that said, try getting the face of Piccolo correct. There are 2 ways to draw Piccolo which is drawing with his suite on and drawing his battle uniform. The uniform when his suite is off? I really prefer with his suite or for beginners, you can start without his suite because less detail and less stuff to draw. As shown below, I found 2 drawing videos and one shows you how to draw Piccolo with his suite, and the other shows how to draw Piccolo without his suite. I like them both and think I should just share these drawing videos from YouTube.

Enjoyed the videos? If not, I have found a drawing tutorial that shows you how to draw Piccolo. Yeah I know, I did it again. Sharing is just my thing. The drawing tutorial has some detail. It’s not good with tips but does do the job showing you how to draw Piccolo, which I find good enough. The tips where mostly shared on the first paragraph and some where on the 1st drawing video. If you don’t like the drawing tutorial below, then I would view Dragoart’s tutorial here: how to draw Piccolo. It’s something worth looking for. Other than that, view the drawing tutorial that I’ve shared located below and tell me what you guys think.

How to Draw Piccolo

The drawing tutorial is finished and now it’s time for a quick summary, as always. When your drawing Piccolo, it would look cool but think it’s more cooler if you color him. NOT with crayons but with color pencils. Color pencils are for teens and crayons are for kids. I really hope that you enjoyed the drawing tutorial and hope you will share this with your friends or even share it online to people. I put a lot of effort on this site and would appreciate it if you could help out. Questions? Leave a comment about what you think. Thank you and there’s more drawing tutorials coming soon.

How to Draw Goku

Goku – the main character in the Dragon Ball Z series. If you think about it, when you draw Goku, it’s like drawing Cloud from Final Fantasy. The hairstyle looks almost the same as Cloud’s. It’s pretty weird but cool at the same time. Yes… that was a weird introduction for this drawing tutorial, but I always have something to say in my mind. As a fun fact, Goku is the most powerful character in the Dragon Ball Z series. He takes down almost anybody, and he was trained by master Kai. Speaking of Kai, Nickelodeon remade the series of Dragon Ball Z and renamed the show to Dragon Ball Z Kai. Personally I liked the Cartoon Network version better. Nickelodeon censored more graphicness of the show (Blood.) Still, it was to revive Dragon Ball Z again or it’s probably because Dragon Ball Z is starting to become a big hit again. Yes, the show was a big hit back then when it first came out.

Anyways, back to drawing Goku and enough with the news and facts. When you draw Goku, you got to know the face shape of him. The most obvious answer to that is “Triangular.” When your drawing a character you got to examine them. It helps a lot, especially when it’s a hard drawing. To help you out even more, below is a drawing video that will teach you how to draw Goku.

I know that people don’t appreciate drawing videos as much, so that’s why I’m going to share a drawing tutorial from a website called Dragoart. It’s a great drawing tutorial. Before you start glancing at the drawing tutorial, just remember to keep practicing with your anime drawing skills by drawing random anime characters and keep drawing Goku during the tips you practice. It will rely help in the end and gives lot’s of benefits. Enjoy the drawing lesson!

How to Draw Goku

Did you enjoy that drawing tutorial? Well if you had a hard time with it, then take a good look at the tip that the drawing tutorial came with. I didn’t add it because you probably wouldn’t understand the meaning. So below is a short tip.

How to Draw Goku's HeadWell the tip that’s displayed on the left simply shows you how to draw Goku’s face. It’s a really handy tip because Goku has a big forehead that has hair covering it and your not sure where to draw the chin from the forehead. It’s really simple, that simple surprisingly. As you can see the spacing of the forehead to the chin, the eye’s is still in the circle but the bottom of it. You know? The circle drawn guide. That will give the drawing a cool bang effect that Goku does have. That’s all for now, tips’s are done and we really hoped you enjoyed this wonderful, put together drawing tutorial by me. You can learn how to draw more Dragon Ball Z characters here and also at a website called Dragoart. If you liked the drawing tutorial, it would really help us out if you shared this page to your friends or even sharing it on the web. Visit the “Helping Out” page for more information. Thank you and visit any time you want. Questions? Comment your thoughts here :D