Helping Out

My website could use a couple of sponsors and sharing tactics. I really want people to visit my website so I can share some awesome Dragon Ball Z news and drawing tutorials. Do you really want to help out? Well here’s how…

  • Go to a website like Digg, Reddit, or any other link sharing site and upload my website’s link there.
  • Go to a blog or your blog and share my site.
  • Do you have a website? Linking to me from your website would be a big help, and if you want, we’ll link right back to you.
  • Tell a friend that likes Dragon Ball Z, art, or even anime about our website.

There are so many ways to share and I’m sure you’ll come up with one. Keep the sharing process coming and I’ll reward you guys with an awesome site… it’s already awesome but still. I’ll work 10x harder :P