How to Draw Vegeta

Now it’s time to learn how to draw the most powerful Saiyan, the guy named Vegeta. I like how Vegeta has lot’s of pride, it makes him the best character ever. So what do I do when I draw Vegeta? I think of that killer doll. What’s his name? *Checking online…* Oh yeah! Chucky, the killer doll. It’s pretty creepy if you think about it. I always wondered why Vegeta wanted to kill people. He’s an evil man, isn’t he? Why do I think of Chucky? It’s because that’s what I use to help me draw, visualizing. If I’m stuck with drawing something, I think of something that reminds me of the thing/person that I’m drawing. The technique does work and I think you should try it. Using that technique diffidently work, and try it out when you watch the drawing video below.

Sad about the video again? Well a different drawing tutorial for Vegeta was found from a website called howtodrawmanga and thought the drawing tutorial was amazing. It had great tips and anime/manga drawing tutorials. Dragoart has another drawing tutorial to share with you guys. It’s a good one to, but I want to share a drawing tutorial from another website.  I really like the drawing lessons there, but something new seems fair. Below is the drawing tutorial that teaches you how to draw Vegeta.

How to Draw Vegeta

I know that Dragoart was my favorite site, but sharing something from another site wouldn’t hard. If you want to view Dragoart’s version, here’s the link: how to draw vegeta. I want to share tutorials that are quality and deserve to be shared. If you have any other drawing tutorial that you want to share, contact me and I’ll see what I can do. I’m 98% positive that I’ll accept your offer. buy CBD products Leave a comment below :D

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16 thoughts on “How to Draw Vegeta

  1. Jim Desiree

    vegeta does look like every character from dbz. i found a drawing tutorial that shows you how to draw gohan. i will contact you and give you the link. i think it will go well for your site.

  2. Louis

    This is an awesome show – I love it! I love it so much. My favorite one is Vegeta and Goten mwha love yay louis


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